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Modulus Guitars Web Site

Modulus Guitar is a small but well known boutique instrument maker. They are best known for pioneering the use of carbon fiber in guitar and bass neck technology. Utilizing Wordpress CMS, I was able to develop a feature rich site that exceeded their expectations and was completed at ...

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Herb Greene Website

Just finished this web project for Herb Greene. Herb Greene’s iconic photography of many of San Francisco’s rock musicians was part of the 1960s San Francisco/Haight Ashbury art scene. Herb was friends with many of the musicians and as he states “the only one with a camera” which allowed ...

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Carrie Nardello Website

Working with artist Carrie Nardello, I developed a web presence that brings Carrie’s art front and center. Carrie also wanted the site to reflect her personality and creative approach. The back end is developed on a Ruby on Rails CMS using custom Javascript galleries for added ...

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Project Artaud Website

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OBC Website

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NTI Website

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BHRT Website

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Quantum Medical Website

Quantum Medical is a medical billing practice in Northern California. They use a proprietary system to keep their clients up to date in their medical billings. We've been working for them for years. We just updated their website.  

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