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Corgi US Promotional Videos

I produced and directed 6 product videos for Corgi's new product line of high quality collectibles: Halo3, Harry Potter, The Golden Compass, James Bond, Nintendo and Igor. I was also tasked with developing the script and directing the V/O production. Plying my crew with Starbucks and Chinese takeout, the project ...

View Corgi US Promotional Videos

Corgi/Harry Potter Promo Video

View Corgi/Harry Potter Promo Video

Corgi/Golden Compass Promo Video

View Corgi/Golden Compass Promo Video

Corgi/Halo Promo Video

View Corgi/Halo Promo Video

Corgi/James Bond Promo Video

View Corgi/James Bond Promo Video

Corgi/Igor Promo Video

View Corgi/Igor Promo Video

Corgi/Super Mario Promo Video

View Corgi/Super Mario Promo Video

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