Carrie Nardello

“Ten years and five web designers later it was only Don Pasewark who finally pulled me from the spiral of inaction and hesitation. I finally have a great website!
I have been a professional artist for twenty years and I didn’t have a website. The more time that passed the more it became an insurmountable task and the more embarrassed I became for not having one.
Don understood I would need a little extra care in helping me get through my blocks and resistance. By patiently walking me through each step he made the process painless and ensured I would get a product I could be proud of. One of the most obvious talents that attracted me to Don’s work was his ability to “get” his client and capture their personality visually.
Don Pasewark’s adaptable managerial style lends itself to the different type of client needs and personalities. Not everyone will need the special attention and handholding that I did and not every designer will have this kind of commitment, thankfully Don did.
I love my new website!”
Carrie Nardello, Artist

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